Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Thrifty Sisters" Debut to our dreams of course

See the full episode at The Nate Show

Thank you Nate for having us!
After all the nerves, we had a lot of fun!


Josh said...

Loved It! You all did a great job, and can come and redo my closet wardrobe any day! I could only repay in chocolate though ( btw: the closets in the show need some organization but that is a whole other show right?) Loved all the outfits on the show and on you three! How fun! Also what about the NY inside story? will that be a future blog? oops : ) Cathy Thomas

Jessica said...

We would definitely work for chocolate. In fact, that's the only form of payment we accept.

bobby thomas said...

all three of u did a great job