Sunday, December 12, 2010

One Step Juli

I need to work out. I can't put it in simpler words.

My inherited personality is telling me to jump in full force with intense workouts and strict diets. My husband recognizes the symptoms of an over zealous Troup girl and has given me a more reasonable solution.

We recently inherited a treadmill from the mother-in-law and although I am disabled by my sciatica I am going to push through it with some speedy incline walking... BUT I am starting off (hubsters suggestion) with just 5 minutes everyday for a week.

Easy you say? Well I have gone 2 days and I can see how this is going to ease my way into a regular routine. This just may work (ssshhhh...don't tell him :)

How many minutes per day next week?


Jessica said...

I've been thinking the same thing (all year long). But this years project was not to not buy anything new and cook through a cookbook. Why overextend myself with another daily project. And since it's nearly the end of this year why not just wait til January 2011 to start.
Welcome to my world of justification.

Anonymous said...

Hmm now what did I do with kit's #
Just kiding
Julie good for u my friend a little workout is good for all of us
Now please don't tell rachal & janell I said that

Ur friend bobby t

Marcella said...

I always love your home movies, Juli! Wait...I thought you only had 1 treadmill. Hmmm.... ;)