Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nothing New Juli

Remember when I bought something new?

According to Mr. Berkus the swimsuit splurge could be justified for the sake of cleanliness, but I still felt gulity :{

Anyways the Hubster and I just spent a glorious week in Kauai where I got to wear my nice new clean swimsuit,
and I have to say I did so good!
We went to a local craft fair where I bought my only souvenir

Don't you remember? Handmade is A-OK!!

I also ran through a couple local fabric stores (quickly as the Hubster stood nearby) and got some goodies that will hopefully make their way into the store :)

I think being in the habit of not buying anything new took off the feeling of needing to go shopping in Kauai. What I saw most of the time was just touristy sarongs and fake leis anyways. I did see a few thrift stores, but I could tell that was the last place Hubster wanted to be while on vacation...(next time;)

Anyways here are some of our highlights!




Jessica said...

Your pics are nice, thanks for posting. I especially like the one of Kit looking mischevious...nice pic of him.

Anonymous said...

looks like u guys had a lot of fun nice photos
thanks for posting, the photo of Kit look really coo