Monday, January 10, 2011

For the love of Juli

I stopped by Mom and Pops on my lunch today and looked for some goodies to add to my boring salad. I peruse the cupboard...nothin'...check the fruit the fridge...
What is this?!?!? Costco size crumbled BACON!
What's a girl to do? I shake, I sniff, I peer.
And then in one swift movement I throw it back in the fridge. Trevor has introduced bacon in an easy accessible form to the Troup house...and I secretly love it. To be honest I probably would have sprinkled a dash or two on the leafy greens, but last night I made red & sweet potatoes with brussel sprouts....and bacon...yikes. Do you love bacon as much as me and the hubster? I know its only been 10 days but I have done pretty darn good! No bread cravings, no sweet lures, no fried envy. But bacon...thats a toughy.

Death by Bacon:
"Bacon Explosion"
Worst case scenario...bacon & sausage!
5,000 calories - 500 grams of fat {yikes!}
for more see {here}

Whats your food weakness?


Alakai's Place said...

What is this? Bacon week? Food TV is showing bacon on TV right now!


Marcella said...

Ahhh...yes, bacon is definitely one of my MANY food weaknesses. Especially when surrounded by chocolate! Heeeyyy...wait a minute! You're making me think about chocolate during Healthy Living Month! Stop it! ;)

Tina said...

We have a really weird bacon obsession. In fact the last time us girls went out of town, the guys came to our house and made the bacon explosion. My house smelled like bacon for weeks but the guys said is was unbelievably good and totally worth the chest pains...

Our new thing is bakon vodka, makes a great bloody mary!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm clocolate..

Hay I have heard that it good for u to

Jessica said...

Oh my, bacon vodka???? I'm going to have to get for sure...who makes it?
My food obsessions definitely include bacon, but I'm also very obsessed with snacky crunchy things...chips, croutons, crackers, etc. Even more so than sugar is my savory cracker obsession. And cheese. Cheese on a cracker=perfection obsession.

Jeni Perkins said...

We are also bacon-obsessed in our house. Our other family obsession is popcorn - not the good air popped kind either - popped in a bit of oil w/butter & seasoning salt on it - with a margarita to wash it down - usually after the kids are in bed :)

Jessica said...

Hey Jeni, we are popcorn obsessed too. We just got an air popper, but I wouldn't say it's so healthy when you add half a stick of butter. No joke, Zack seriously puts half a stick of melted butter on it. Only bad thing about the air popper is it's so dang noisy and get's the kids to wondering what's going on when they should be asleep ;-)