Thursday, January 13, 2011

Office Jessica

Twice, in the last 13 days someone at work has brought in a torture box of deliciousness (aka doughnuts).

It's hard to resist doughnuts.

I resisted. Twice.

Instead of dwelling on how much I wanted the doughnuts, today I found happiness in my new re-usable bags that I packed my lunch in. Anya brought hers to school and she was the hit of the lunchroom. I felt so happy to be using 2/3 less plastic baggies today (Ian says no way, no how is he going to be caught dead with any of the bags presented to him). Get yours HERE but don't buy any for your 4th grade boy. He'll accidentally throw them away, I can almost guarantee it.


Anonymous said...

Have julie make some thing with space ships or cars on it
Doughnuts.....hmmm tell them to bring it to me @ coddingtown
Would be happy to take it off u hands... just don't tell rachael
& janell..


Jessica said...

not even sure ships or cars will meet the approval :-)

Anonymous said...

You can try my method: Smell them and imagine what they would taste like. Not nearly as fun but it works for me most of the time ;)

Sue said...

unfortunately, we also had amazing donuts 2 days is a row. So, I ate about a quarter of one. Sorry, I'm without self control.

Jessica said...

Amara, I am also a smeller and imaginer. I used to be a chewer and spitter outter...but that is wrong on so many levels.
Thanks mom for sharing your lack of self-control with me :-)

Anonymous said...

Jessica, that is hilarious! Guilt and vanity has driven me to be a chewer and spitter outter as well ;)