Friday, January 14, 2011

Breakfast! Marcella

Healthy Living Month is in full swing and I feel great! Yes, I have many moments when I want to scarf down an entire chocolate cake. BUT, other than that I have stuck rigidly to my no-sugar rule.
I’ve noticed that having a goal like that makes me want to be healthier in other ways, too. I have definitely been eating more nutritious breakfasts, a meal I would usually skip unless it involved a sticky bun from the Downtown Creamery or was eaten at 10:00.
My favorite is a poached egg over quinoa with hot sauce. So quick and delicious! The key is having the quinoa already done. I have been keeping a constant supply in the fridge to encourage healthy habits. After that, all you have to do is poach an egg. Now I know that might not sound doable in the morning rush, but it is so easy if you have the right method. I recently learned Thomas Keller’s technique from Ad Hoc at Home (recipe here) and I have been whipping them out ever since! His secret is to make a vortex in the pan of water and pour the egg from a bowl into the center of the vortex so the centrifugal (it took me about seven tries to spell that) force keeps it together. Three minutes in barely simmering water is perfect for a soft but not overly runny yolk. Just the way I like it.

I have also been juicing for breakfast or an afternoon snack. It's a great energy boost. I love the apple, cucumber, basil, lime combo I learned from the J’s cleanse. Carrot, apple, cucumber, ginger is also delicious.
*Ok, I realize that picture at the top seems random and makes me look like I’ve gained weight this month, but I was just so tickled to be inside one of my favorite paintings that I had to post it! Anyway, if I set the bar lower, you'll just be really impressed with how great I look after this month! ;)


Jessica said...

I've got to get some quinoa cooked and in my fridge!

Anona said...

When can I come over for breakfast ;)

Anonymous said...

cool i have been going out to eat breakfast but i have been eating breakfast at home for Jan and i got some quinoa to mm


Jeni Perkins said...

Marcella, I love your posts! You're doing great! I've tried no sugar this month, but after several attempts decided to go with "low" sugar by cutting it out where I can and subbing honey when I can't. Although, when drinking my lemon water in the morning I do dream of adding a "spoonful of sugar" so that it tastes like lemonade :)

Marcella said...

Anona- anytime!

Jeni-Thanks so much for your support! It's great to have so many people to sympathize with this month! Low sugar is a great idea because you can keep it up even after Healthy Living Month is over. It's much more realistic for everyday life than no sugar at all. Just getting used to not having as much sugar is a big step in the right direction. That's my goal for next month!