Monday, January 17, 2011

Pretty Jessica

Eating un-processed foods for the most part has been easy (well, I've allowed myself many little cheats, so maybe that's why... Are tortilla chips at a Mexican restaurant processed if they fry them there themselves?**)

Whenever I see pretty veggies, I have to buy them. These brussel sprouts on a stalk were so sweet and delicious; the watermelon radish was so much fun to eat (and sooo tasty too...not spicy like a normal radish, but almost sweet!).

**p.s. I know the answer to that question is 'yes' but sometimes something just smells so good. And who can pass up warm tortilla chips, movie popcorn or cookies when they smell them???


Juliana said...

Where did you get that radish? I must try!!

Anonymous said...

sound & looks good

Jessica said...

the radish was at Shelton's! It looked like a big turnip, you might not recognize it unless it's labeled well.