Sunday, January 16, 2011

Eating Juli

I love eating out, oh heck, I just love eating...period. The hubster and I are foodies, undeniably love going out to eat and analyzing everything that passes our lips. I didn't think we would be doing any eating out during "Healthy Month" but, old habits die hard. Here's what I settled on as being healthy and for the most part gluten/sugar free. 

#36, a family favorite at Pho Vietnam. 
Side note...had a huge stomachache afterwords undoubtably from the egg rolls.
Lettuce wraps with shrimp, lemongrass ginger and peanuts at Jhanthong Banbua our favorite Thai place
The huge chunks of ginger and lime were intense, but made you feel very healthy.
 Miso soup and raw seaweed salad at Sushi to Dai for....yummy!
Oh and of course the gluten ridden sushi
...yes I ate it, and smiled.
Now this is NOT what I ordered, the "Mojojojo" is sushi bliss wrapped in a package of fluffy {fried} panko
...I sneaked a nibble, or two.


Anonymous said...

"I love eating out" so do i and mom.
ware is Pho Vietnam, do thay have a website


Jessica said...

i don't think sushi has gluten does it? i guess the soy sauce does...

Sue said...

the Roseland Troup's seem to have a new replacement for #36. Yes, we have moved our loyalty to Simply Vietnam C2. The staff actually acts like they want you to be there and come back again. They have an extended menu, not that I would stray to far from my favorite, but we are happy with our change.

Juliana said...

Hi Mom! It seems like everyone has converted to Simply VIetnam...apparently we are behind. I guess we will just have to go and to do some research on our own!

Tristan said...

Its the truth :/ Pho vietnam forgot our order 3 times in a row when we called it in, so we were left with no choice.

Marcella said...

Sue-I completely agree about Simply Vietnam! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Although this is (unfortunately) not always an indicator of a better restaurant, Simply Vietnam seems cleaner!

Juli-Jhanthong Banbua is my favorite too. We always refer to it as "that Thai restaurant with the really long name." ;)