Monday, February 21, 2011

All Fury Holds Juli

I LOVE clothes. I LOVE shoes. Did I I really have to tell you that? What I really DONT love is trying to find a home for my lovelies in my inky dink little closet. I don't mind doing laundry and folding it, no problem. I just dread prying open my cheap Ikea dresser drawers and smashing them in, all the while the bottom of the drawer is falling out and making it impossible to close the drawer. Then there's the closet. First you search for a free hanger, no not that one, that one has two dresses and a sweater on it, and oh no don't dare touch the skirt hanger that has about ten too many skirts shoved in between the two clasps that are holding on for dear life. My previous solution was just to have a giant pile of clean folded clothes on my dresser that I would eventually wear through. "Yes honey, I will put them away" 
{ i sneaked away quietly} 

No more! The madness can continue no longer! The first thing I had my heart set on was to get a new bed frame that would give us more space. See the problem? We had this platform border thing that made it impossible to open the armoire and gave me never ending shin bruises. Yay for craigslist! We bought a bed and sold our bed within 24 hours and made $50! 

Wallah! A new bed and a HUGE difference!! 
{I am going to make a padded headboard soon!}
The only sad thing is it's too high for Lola the bulldog to jump on, ok ok it's a good thing. Here are some before and afters of the closet/armoire situation. I cleaned out and organized the dresser drawers too, but those make some pretty boring pictures {like these aren't}


{hmmm....why doesn't it look any different?!?}
notice the accessibility to the Barbie RV :)
{hubster built a little shoe/Barbie RV shelf, thanks!}

 {more before}

{more after}

 A few space saving things I got was this stackable dresser thing for the hubsters clothes {$10 thrift store find!!}, a belt hanger thingy {container store}and hanger space makers from the dollar store {2 for $1!!!!} 

I know to some of you {other J's} it may not look all that different, but for your information I emptied a whole 6 drawer dresser and have 3 huge garbage bags of clothes and shoes for the clothing swap. To me it seems like a whole new world in there!!!


Anonymous said...

good Job, it look good Julie

Marcella said...

Great job! The challenge for me when I organize is keeping it that way, but I have faith in you!!! ;)

What I learned from this post is that I will never, ever feel sorry for you again when you say "I have nothing to wear!" So many adorable clothes! I haven't seen those cuuuute purple pumps before...are they new? Oh if only we wore the same shoe size!