Monday, February 21, 2011


Just when I thought I was finally finished with organizing my closet I find out I'm pregnant! Just the thought of maternity clothes and the inevitable boxes of incoming and outgoing clothes makes me literally feel sick! I knew right away I needed to come up with a solution that would carry me through until I fit back into my "regular" clothes again and would eliminate the perpetual box(es) in the middle of the room awaiting transport to the garage.

So here's what I did.....I bought a relatively cheap portable closet from Target and set it up next to my regular closet. I immediately hung up in it all clothing that already do not fit me (and frankly, probably won't for at least a year...there goes that sick feeling again!) I left all the clothes that I can wear for a little while longer in my regular closet and will gradually add maternity clothes into it.

My cute little bench that frankly often is simply an object on which to drape clothing (much to hubby's chagrin) has a huge storage compartment underneath. I honestly forgot that I was storing things in there and since its been at least a year since I've opened it, I probably can toss what's in there, agreed? So that will be the "box" into which I can toss clothes that don't fit anymore! My hope is to eliminate the constant trips back and forth from the garage. Will it work? What am I missing? Any other tips?

By the way, submit your organizing tips and before and after project pics by March 1, 2011 to be entered in our {Giveaway}!!!


Juliana said...

Promptly send all cute clothes to me, that's the only suggestion I got today :) JK.

Anonymous said...

look's good Justine, i had for got about the "relatively cheap portable closet from Target"

Julie LOL

Lorna said...

I've always been envious of your closet room. Will this room be getting a makeover for the baby or will the girls double up?

Justine said...

Lorna, I am super lucky to a whole room for my closet! We are planning on keeping it a "closet room" but may move our futon and movie screen from our fourth bedroom when the baby needs to move from bassinet to crib. The girls share a bedroom right now but one of them might move in with the baby. Malia wants to share with the baby but I have a feeling that will change after a few nights!