Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bathroom Juli

As I am working down my list of things to organize and simplify this month I have finally forced myself to work on the dreaded bathroom. We have a slim bathroom with little storage that also doubles as our laundry room. Well here are my before and afters:

 Ahhhh, so refreshingly tidy!

Here's a tip from Little J, put that laundry soap measuring cup in a little ramekin and it will save you from a big goopey mess that drives you insane. Ta-da!
 Here is ALL of my makeup! 

I love this container from The Container store, but not to worry they have stuff just like it at Target or Walmart for a fraction of the price. Oh you see those baskets?! 
Thanks Nate :)

  Now I don't know about you, but I had some really really expired drugs in the medicine cabinet, so go my friends before doing anything else, go clean out your medicine cabinet! Did you notice that the toothbrushes are in the medicine cabinet...bye bye toilet flush feces! 
 I loaded up one of "Nate's" baskets with TP and the other with separate containers of misc. Hair gels and sprays and nail polish stuff. The other tins are separated by: cold and flu medicines, first aid {stocked up when i chopped my finger off} portable tissues and hand sanitizer and then all of my travel size stuff like toothpaste and shampoo.

I promptly told the hubster to come in so I can tell him where everything now was homed and after about  30 seconds, he said "eh nevermind I will just ask you when I need it." Grrr....thats what I was trying to avoid! But if your husband is like mine even if you thoroughly described where each item was in your home with a detailed map he still will ask you where its at. Oh well )

 Hey, here is my homemade shower curtain, cute huh?!


Jessica said...

When Anya heard what this months project she asked why you were doing it, you're house was already organized. I promise you, that's what she said. And I have to agree with her after seeing these photos. Still not sure which are the before and which are the afters. j/k. Good Job :-)

Justine said...

I have to agree with Jess. I really had to look hard to figure out which was the before and after! It does look good now though. Good job!

Anonymous said...

i would all so agree with the Js, super cool on the homemade shower curtain, that a good idea
about the laundry soap.


Juliana said...

Seriously people!??!? I guess it is all the eye odf the beholder and my eye sees messyness!! Don't worry I still have some before and after shots to come that may change your opinion.

Marcella said...

Yes! Seriously! I think we need a picture of that storage closet you were talking about...just to prove you're human! ;)

Such a cute shower curtain! I need to do that asap! My beige vinyl shower curtain liner definitely needs to be covered up.