Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January is Over......by Juli

You are probably wondering why we J's like to put crazy restrictions on ourselves. "Hey lets not buy anything new for a year and then lets eat veggies all January!" When I figure out why I will be the first one to tell you. I suppose we have short attention spans and always like to have some kind of project on the back burner. Well January, as you know, was the kick off to a new year and a new us, and a new project. I cannot even begin to express how my life has changed since I read about fecal matter flying in the air when you flush the toilet. I am a changed woman. The lid will be closed from here on out. As for depriving myself from everything delish for the past 4 weeks, I wish I had some concrete statistics to show the progress, but here's what I got: I can now bend over in my skinny jeans without feeling like my thighs are going to explode out the sides. The wii fit has been pulled out from the deepest darkest corner to come out and play and I can still get a perfect score on advanced soccer {Oh Yeah!!! Beat that Beckham!}. I now know that I have developed a crush on a 'cup of love' who I will flirt with every now and then. I am looking into 5k's and a breast cancer awareness walk {39 miles or 60...yikes!}. Lemons = healthyness inside and out, but occasionally make babies. Most of all what I really really loved about this month was our new weekly hikes. Love can't even describe being able to tromp around in the wilderness with my favorite gal pals, oh and the boys and doggie too. 

What did I miss? I really really missed was my chai's and latte's in early morning service. Other than that I was totally content, just starving occasionally.

So what torture will February bring?.....Organize and Simplify!!! YOU are getting involved too, you just don't know it yet! Prepare yourself for some friendly competition with a prize....I'll give you a hint, start thinking of that dreaded closet or that junk drawer you avoid. 


Jessica Boudreau said...

Sounds fun! I have been on a major orgainizing kick lately! I wished I had before picks to post :) I am in the midst of working on my enourmous MESSY pantry! It's been so cold here (-10'F) that school has been cancelled here so everyone is staying home from service too! Well I may be behind on my time but will be a bit more orgainized! :)

Anonymous said...

thank u for the update. looking for word to
see your Organize and Simplify post that u r
going to post. "YOU are getting involved too"

um hmm let..... see... ummmmm hmm oh i hear my
mom call me...