Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sweet Jessica

Goodbye January!!!!

The kids and I made enough pouty faces to convince Zack to take us to Powells Sweet Shoppe last night. Of course, I did cheat during the month of January and ate some sugar and processed items, but this time I didn't have to sneak it or feel guilty while eating it or have the kids say over and over "you're not supposed to eat that."

I wonder what I'm doing to my kids with all these projects...they still haven't quite gotten out of saying "you can't buy that" every time i look at anything with a price tag. Now it will take them a few months to stop telling me I can't eat delicious things.

What I learned this month? I'm better without my scale and I do feel better when I exercise regularly. I can't place too many food restrictions on myself or I get super cranky.

This month: Organize & Simplify. Fun times ahead.


amara.sanchez said...

Feb is a short month. Too bad you didn't make it your no sugar and processed food month. oh well. Organize & Simplify has got to be easier than abstaining from goodies. Have fun, can't wait to see what you come up with!

Anonymous said...

looking for word to see what u come up with
yeah i to would have a hard time with having
too many food restrictions. Feb is a short month