Monday, February 14, 2011

One Day at a Justine

Okay people. No judging. I don't not have a lovely "before and after" pics to show off like some other "J's" I know. I did not take on a cute little makeup drawer or medicine cabinet organization project this month. I decided to tackle the worst of the worst. Hubby's office. Oh yeah. You saw the pictures and if you blocked them from your mind because they were that scary you can view it again {here}.

I just wanted to reassure you that if you are, like me, tackling a big project, 20 minutes here and there can make a big difference and it doesn't need to happen all in one afternoon! It was really daunting to start but first we purged, then Hubby put up some new shelving. I'm so excited to put supplies like paper towels where I can reach them!

Here is the before pic:

And the "work in progress" pic:

I know. It's still pretty scary but considering this room multi-tasks as our business shipping dept., library, business and personal supplies and craft storage I think it's coming along nicely. I can't wait to show you the other part of our office which will be soon house the kid's easel, bookshelf and table and chairs instead of a lot of other random junk. Stay tuned and keep your eye out for our next AMAZING Giveaway!


Juliana said...

WOW!!!!! Great job!!! I am sooooo impressed!!! Believe me I have yet to do my before and after of my storage closet, which is NOT pretty :)

Jessica said...

Wow, that room looks so much bigger already!

Marcella said...

Wow! Looks great already!

I bet Joel is looking forward to fewer chiropractic appointments since he won't have to make his lattes on the floor anymore! ;)

(Oooohhhh...I felt like the Catalog Living lady just then!!!)

Marcella said...

***See "before" picture if that was confusing.

Anonymous said...

Good job


Rachel H. said...

It looks great! So much better already. Your doing great!