Tuesday, February 8, 2011

ORGANIZE NOW!...by Justine

The ongoing quest for balance in my life is going to be spearheaded this month by a major cleanout of several areas of my house... starting with this eyesore. It's basically the office/craft table/scary doll storage/plan table/catch all. Yeah. It's got to go!

and this was Joel's office/storage...but since his new favorite place to work is at the dining room table with his laptop (and most of his products/plans can be accessed digitally)...I think we can find a better use for the space, don't you?!

Okay, so there's my embarrassing mess. Where is yours? Please tell me I'm not the only one! Start taking some "before" pictures and document your progress down to the finished organized beauty. I hear there's going to be a cool prize for the most inspiring or amazing organization makeover! STAY TUNED!


Rachel said...

love this idea! Gonna get pictures taken soon. Of course that means we have to follow through. The whole point huh?! Sorry didn't see you this weekend?!

Anonymous said...

"Please tell me I'm not the only one!" ok your the only one :) J/K i will post my before/after
pictures. of my room


Jessica said...

I wonder how many of those books in Joel's office can go away!!!!

Marcella said...

Just wait till you see my garage pictures! You will feel muuuuuch better ;)

Lorna said...

I feel for you with the office. Do I see some of the girls outgrown clothes in there?
Our master bedroom has become a complete dungeon with the remodeling overflow. There is absolutely nothing I like in the room and have now started sleeping in Morgan's newly redecorated room.

FYI for building plans - I've started letting the kids color on them. Will also cover the kitchen table so we can all color at dinner time. I wonder if schools want empty binders or maybe freecycle? I have so many binders too.