Tuesday, February 8, 2011

That Yucky Place....by Juli

I started off my organization in the dreaded kitchen. 
That yucky place were scary furry things can grow without you even knowing. 

Here are my before and afters:

That little turney corner cupboard is all I have as a pantry so its like playing tetris to get it all in there in an organized fashion...hope it lasts.

We inherited these garbage cans when we moved in and despite their retro cuteness, I really despised them. Do you know how hard it is to scrap a plate clean while prying that flappy door open? Lets just say Lola stayed close by for the over spill. 
The garbage can I reallly wanted at the container store was $180 {see here} and I just could not spend that much for my garbage...seriously $180?!?!? But I did come home with this beauty for $60, much more reasonable and fit perfectly! And yes that is garbage and recycling together!!! The only way it could improve was if there was a compost bin too.

  Ok, let me ask you, do your plastic grocery bags get all cozy and reproduce like rabbits under your kitchen sink? Well mine did, and it had to go.
Lola looked at me in disgust...yes I know I should be using my reusable bags! Yay for me and my clean kitchen!!! Don't forget to take pictures of your before and afters!! Believe me its well worth the effort....


Marcella said...

Great job, Juli! Looks great! I am always impressed with the amazing food that comes out of that teeny tiny kitchen!

That garbage/recycling bin thing is so nice! I always had trouble throwing stuff away at your house...;) I thought you were just trying to discourage everyone from contributing to landfill. ;)

Lorna said...

My master bedroom is the Ugly Place in our house. I'd have to post pics anonymously bcuz I wouldn't want any to know.

Juli - I used to have a plastic bag problem too but have converted. Now my husband struggles to find something to use as a lunch bag. The biggest help is one main bag that is always in my purse. It is a nice big bag and rolls up easily very small (by Animal Planet). It holds about as much stuff as 2 plastic bags and since it is always in my purse I have it for places like Walgreens, Target, etc. Those non-grocery stores really add to the plastic bag mess just as much as the grocery stores.
I just bought half a dozen small mesh bags made by EcoWise (I think) for produce. Love them.