Monday, March 28, 2011

28 Juli

It is said that it takes 28 days to create a new good habit. It actually takes me 28 days to completely fail at creating a new habit. Today, March 28th I went to the Goodwill, and I didn't leave empty handed. I considered talking to my buddy manager to see if he could hold my items until April 1st, but quickly decided that was a lame idea. To be honest 2 of the items aren't even for me or my personal use:

Kid's Joe's jeans for eBay

A little something for a little baby (if it's a girl)

Here's what I feel really guilty about...
To The Max sweater
Brand new table top ironing board

There, its off my chest. I almost made it to April without buying anything. Lets talk about something else now.....

Aren't all you Sonoma County-ers enjoying this weather!?!?

Yay for Springtime!!


Anonymous said...

it steel a good try my Friend, yes i have been
enjoying this weather, "(if it's a girl)" is that what u would like to be my friend
great last two Photos

Jessica said...

ha ha! I haven't even written about my purchase....skirt for the assembly! I am just skulking around guiltily about it.

Juliana said...

Eh, just a few more days and it will all be in the past :)