Sunday, March 27, 2011

What's in my purse? Jessica

Have you run across any 'What's in my Purse?' blog entries? They're kind of fun to look at. You come across cute little, neat and tidy pics of purse contents like these:

These people use their purse as a PURSE. To hold items they need through the day. This is the picture of the contents of my purse:
Apparently my purse is just used as a transportable garbage can. There was even a baggie that was filled with an unidentifiable brown mush - I think it used to be an apple. Awful, I know. But I could pretend this is the contents of my purse and never admit to the garbage hole that I was carrying around.

Goals for this week:

1. No more throwing everything away in my purse. Also, figure out how to chew one whole piece of gum, so that the half pieces that end up at the bottom of my purse go away.

2. No more Facebook. I disconnected myself from it a while ago, and thought maybe I could control the obsessive behavior that ensues, but not possible, so goodbye for now Facebook friends.

3. Same with texting and email checking. Compulsive checking needs to stop. I'm thinking of putting myself on a strict twice only daily checking and responding schedule. So if I don't email you or text you back pronto, that's why. If it's important - call me.


Anonymous said...

K Jessica u will be missed
"brown mush - I think it used to be an apple" ewww
hope it works

Henwood family said...

LOL. I love finding leftover snacks like cheerios or crackers that have been pulverized into an off white powder in my purse. The best is when the little one dumps your purse contents out in public.

Tina said...

Haha, Chase called my purse a trash bag and I told him he can forget about ever putting his wallet or keys or sunglasses in my purse ever again and he's been quite about it ever since.

Juliana said...

You are too funny! I think the key is to not have too big of a purse. Its kinda inconvenient, but it does help. To all you blog readers out there, did you know that Jessica has always been really weird with her gum? As a child we only got half a stick, trident, juicy fruit, whatever. Recently she blogged about being a tosser or a hoarder....she's a gum hoarder :)This blog post confirms it :)....Love you Jess.

Anonymous said...

Yeah ur dad & mom told a lot about Jessica & family.

Jessica said...

It's kind of funny that this post has come about at the same time that I've discovered that I have a gum thief who sneaks into my purse and takes pieces of gum. But they're smart enough to know that I have random half pieces everywhere, so they tear off half pieces. Of course I can tell, because I'm such a hoarder I know how many I've already eaten.

Jessica Boudreau said...

I agree purses are super hard to keep maintained! Smaller may be better but I can never fit all my movie goodies in small purses :) Love the new sidebar pics and bio info!

Jessica said...

sidebar bio's are per your suggestion Jessica :-)

Jeni Perkins said...

I totally understand the Facebook/email/text thing. I have a very rarely used Facebook account - if I sit down and log in I find myself pulled into the Facebook vortex for hours & I stay away. I usually check my email once or twice a day. I could go on a texting "diet" though - it does seem to take up chunks of time throughout the day. If we each added up all the minutes we spent texting, I wonder how much time it would come out to at the end of a day/week/month?