Tuesday, March 22, 2011

$4.26.....by Juli

So here come the excuses…are you ready? First of all I consider these as business expenses completely. Do you consider yourself buying something new when you buy computer paper or a bushel of nails {do nails come in bushels?} I think not. I ran completely out of plain white thread and I can’t finish my reusable sandwich bags without it. I skipped over to Legacy Thrift in Sebastopol and scored some thread for 50 cents, a few vintage buttons for the coffee cozy’s, and two scraps of fabric. All in all my total spending for March other than food is $4.26, I say that is pretty darn good! Like I said before I totally don’t count these as personal use items. Actually I am stocking up on the bags since I hopefully will get some air time on KRUSH with my baggie donations to the families involved in the'Plastic is Drastic' project. You know, the crazy project Jessica is doing despite the fact that she didn't want to do any project next month {tsk tsk tsk}. So, what do you think? Am I guilty or not guilty?


Jessica said...

i'd say not guilty...good for you for starting a little side business! your too creative not too!

Jessica said...

yep, you gotta get your supplies to make your baggies!

Jessica said...

and jessica ^^^^you were our chocolate winner and I need your address to send it to you!! email us
thejproject2010 at yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

that cool your doing a side business, not guilty
i missed your air time on KRUSH
have a fun