Monday, March 21, 2011

Mr. Sourdough Starter makes a Ms. Sourdough Jessica

So I baked off my first loaf of bread using my sourdough starter. I still am not quite sure if my starter did what it's supposed to do, but when I took off the towel and Zack walked by he said it smelled like I assumed it had done it's thing and I proceeded to bake.
Although Mr.Starter made a pretty Ms.Loaf (come on now, that looks like a girl, doesn't it?) I can't say that it tasted much different than my normal loaves of bread. No real sourdough tang. Do I need to let it sit our longer? Does it taste better and better the longer that the sourdough sits? I don't know. Any input would be appreciated.

Ready to be baked

Ms. Loaf


Plastic is Drastic Project Update: We use a lot of plastic. I cleaned out my fridge to make croutons and I emptied out a pile of plastic bread bags. Chip bags, plastic baggies, the top of Starbucks lids...the list never ends! I thought we wouldn't be able to fill up one garbage bag full...and now I'm worried we're going to be the family with a truckload of plastic and the other two families are going to be so ashamed to sit near us.


Juliana said...

Your bread looks awesome!! I have never made sourdough bread so I have no suggestions :( sorry. Question, so your male starter turned into a female loaf of it's trans gender?!? Dude you have issues!...JK :)

Jessica said...

I wonder if it's warm enough for the starter to go sour??? I don't know. Guess I won't kill us if I just keep letting it sit. Trans gender ha ha. Metro peacocks and now this! Someone needs to stop me!

Anonymous said...

Ok Jessica when i see ur mom & dad this sunday i will talk to them
About stoping u


Justine said...

Jess, Jeff Watrous makes great very sour sourdough. I'll ask him for his tips.