Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Japanese Mom in Jessica

There won't be many people who knows what this is.

For those of you who don't, this post will seem very very very weird.

Today, Anya and I were sitting on the couch and the sun was streaming in through the windows J.U.S.T. right.

Our mom gets a certain look in her eye when the sun streams in like that. She starts looking up at the sky...and then grabs whatever kid is closest and angles their face around until she can see.....right into their ear canal.

Say what?

Yep. She then summons another child to grab the ear cleaning stick and a Kleenex.

An ear cleaning stick?

Yes. If you look closely at the little bamboo stick picture above, you will notice that it's got a curved little hook at the end, just perfect for scooping out ear wax.

So weird....I warned you.

Now, if you've never sat in the sun with your head cradled in your mom's lap getting ear wax scooped out of your ears - well, I'm afraid you just haven't lived yet.

Today was the first day that I grabbed Anya's little face and looked into her ear canal and saw how rewarding it would be to do a little wax scooping. Unfortunately, I don't have an ear stick yet and we had to settle with Qtips. But Anya got that little warm fuzzy look on her face and when I asked if it felt weird she said "no it feels so good" and I now know that the Japanese mom in me has come out and it's time for me to get an ear stick.

Also I learned today that the official name for this stick is the Mimikaki.


Jessica Boudreau said...

LOL! That's great! My mom would use a slightly open paper clip. The rounded end when you just open it in half. Worked great! So gross :) Sounds like were monkeys who eat bugs off each others backs :)
Miss ya!

Jessica said...

Jess, it is very monkey picking like!!! ha ha Miss you too... :-)

Anonymous said...

As soon as the page loaded and the picture appeared I got so excited "Oooh, the ear stick!!" The best thing ever...

Anonymous said...

From. Bobby.
Well i guss. I have never lived never had a ear stick

Tristan said... favorite.

Alakai's Place said...

I have experienced this too. Very relaxing of the hands of someone who know what they are doing.