Saturday, March 26, 2011 Juli

Fluffyness - {fluh-fee-ness} Wikipedia {juli's version} : warm, feathery, soft, cozy, feathery, cloudy-ish, dreamy, marshmellow-creamy-ness, to the extreme factor.

A hand-me-downed Roxy pillow was residing in the Fox home, but was kinda the black sheep of the family. She {apparently I gender assign tangible non living things too} didn't fit in, stuck out like a sore thumb, and was daily cast to the floor. We called her names like 'ugly', 'so 2001', and 'what am i gonna do with you?'.

The day had come when I decided she needed a new outfit so that she could be funky cute like the rest of us. 

Nothing new - already owned materials

I had to show you the snaps...
first time to add snaps to anything and SUPER easy!

Well the ugly duckling has matured into a beautiful swan, and is now allowed to play with her fellow fluffy friends. Now we will walk by and say "hey, hot stuff" or "aren't you just the cutest little thing!" {of course with a southern bell accent}. Yay to fluffyness!


Marcella said...

This adorable new addition of fluffyness is just another reason why the first one to the plushy velvet (fluffy) couch is the winner!!! I love it Juli! Great job using what you've got! Looks very Anthropologie-esque. :)

Anonymous said...

Great job

Heather said...

I love this pillow! And I love this blog! What a treat to have stumbled across this morning!