Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Madness....by Juli

First of all I want to welcome all of our new readers! Us J's {Justine, Jessica, and me - Juli} have been through a whirlwind of adventure that all started back in January of 2010 when we swore off buying anything new for a whole year. We are glad you have stuck along for the adventure and hope that our little bits of craziness will inspire YOU! 2011 is a little different in that we will be doing a different project each month. January was healthy living month and February was our get organized and simplify month. But what does March bring?!? {...drum roll please...} NO BUYING. Ok yes yes I know you are probably thinking "No buying?!?! What doest that mean?!?" Well all of 2010 we swore off not buying anything NEW, now this month we are swearing off not buying anything NEW or USED. This is a very very scary thought for the thrifty sisters. I mean come on, the only way I survived last year was knowing that when I needed a shopping fix I could run down to the Goodwill or buy some fabric for a home craft project. Oh no, not this month. Our purchases will pretty much include food and gas, yippee.

So here's the question, do you think you could do it?


Rachel said...

hmmm I'm not a shopper so on some levels that sounds right up my alley (sorta) but going on vacation this month and have put off the swimsuit buying for the last minute (hoping to shed a few pounds),
WOW girls, this is a toughie but a goodie. Makes us think about how much we truly purchase.

Danielle said...

My sister has convinced me to try it with her. We're going to start tomorrow, and I'm already scared!

Moriahs Marvelous Cakes said...

I think I can commit to that. But I can't speak for my husband... We are saving up a down payment for a house and I am losing weight so this challenge is right on with my lot in life right now... Not buying any new clothes for myself for a while
and nothing for the house. I will try! What about gifts though, does that count?

Jessica said...

My girlfriend and I did this for february along with organizing and simplifying...(although I wasn't organized enough to email you my pics on time:)
It was probably one of the hardest challenges I've done! But we did it! I didn't even get to buy a new outfit for the february assembly! That was hard! Im sure you guys can do it for a month! I don't know how you did it for a year, a month was really hard for us!

Anonymous said...

I already failed :(

Marcella said...

Hmmm...normally I would say yes, but there happens to be a pretty exciting annual sale in the city this month (I was going to ask you to go with me but I forgot what this month's project was...). Sorry girls. Once again, you have much more self-control than I do! I believe in you! ;)

Anonymous said...

ok i will try, that going to be so.....hard

all the Toy's out there

Lindsay said...

I am officially two months into my challenge and (aside from the hair straightener) I have not bought anything but food and gas......turns out I have more self-control than I thought. So whenever you feel like you can't do it.....remember I am doing it for a whole year and you will feel better :)
If anyone can do this, it is you three....afterall you were the original inspiration for my project. Stay strong girls!