Monday, February 28, 2011

Best Juli

Since we are the "Thrifty Sister's" according to Mr. Nate Berkus, I had to share with you my best thrifty find of the month check it out:

{bad pic I know}
Would you look twice if you saw these? I am still not quite sure why I did, but after I ebay searched the shoe I soon found out that there is a used pair up for auction for $119!!!! For a $3.99 purchase I am bound to make a profit! 

 So these shoes are made by Gee WaWa and they sell at Anthropologie if you find them at a thrift store BUY THEM! I think they kind of appeal to the steam punkers but I think they are super cute. Well Ladies {and a few gentlemen} that is my "Thrifty Sister" tip of the day!


Danielle said...

What size a those boots? Me and Tiyara have been on the hunt for ones just like that!

Juliana said...

@ Danielle - They are a size 6. If you are interested let me know :)