Monday, March 14, 2011

One step forward, two steps Juli

All I have to say is that its a good thing this month is "Buy Nothing" month. Is anyone else out there in an economic spin cycle where you feel like just as you are at the cusp of recovery you get slammed with 10 bills all at once? To add to the pain, our little Fox Box aka Scion xb went on a shopping spree at the mechanics and apparently has some very expensive taste. The little put put is back on the road again ready to tear up this little town. At least I didnt have to break my vow and buy a car {although the mini counrtyman is screaming at me!}

To put my troubled mind at ease and my nimble fingers to work I am measuring, cutting and sewing away to fill up my etsy shop and prepare for future selling ventures {still unkown as to what they are...but they are out there somewhere.} Really its a blessing in disguise that this month has been rough, if I was rolling in the benjamins this month would be so tough! {did I just rhyme?} So thank you economic downturn, gouging oil prices and rainy weather for being so accomodating to the J sisters. No need to be so generous though.

Here are some of my money saving tips:

Pack your lunch
Cook more "eh, lets just get a burrito"
Don't get bored and look at ebay
Save your receipts for the "eh" things you buy and return them when you feel guilty{It makes your decision a lot easier}
When you get a Starbucks gift card save it for when you are really poor and then treat yourself to some free coffee...the excitement is amazingly refreshing.

I have to share with you what picked me up this month, my lettuce garden that is still thriving! It survived freezing winter mornings and  slimy slugs!
What is your money saving tip? What picks you up when you have the blues?


Marcella said...

My tip is rather lame but it's something that I just discovered: register your Starbucks gift card!
Am I the only one who always ignored that sticker on the front that says "Register your card today!"? This time I thought I would see what it's really about and it turns out they do want more of your money. BUT...they also want to give you free customization (i.e. soy or syrups) and free refills on hot or iced brewed coffee and tea! :) How did I not know this??? That made my day!

P.S. Juli- I've got a question for ya. Where's the best (thriftiest!) place to buy really cute fabric by the yard and in fat quarters?

Juliana said...

Great tip Marcella! Ok as for thrifty fabric go to legacy thrift store in Sebastopol.

see this post:

They have loads upon loads of fabric to rummage through and then you pay by weight. If you time it right I think they have a certain day of the week where its a $1 per pound. Awesome deal! the other option is to hit Joann's with some coupons. Are you making something?!?

Marcella said...

Juli- I've really been in the mood to start some sort of project, I just need the right fabric to inspire me! Thanks for the tips!

Jessica said...

My money saving tip is to only go to Costco quarterly. Costco is a big money trap.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I have no tips
Thanks for the post