Sunday, March 13, 2011

NOT Not Buying Justine

I blew March's project right away and frankly I knew I was going to. I even planned on it. Sorry girls, here's my excuse, as lame as it is:

I'm blaming it all on the awesome JUST BETWEEN FRIENDS Maternity and Baby Consignment Sale!! They only have it twice a year and the next time I'll either be as big as a house or have a newborn - hmmm not to say either of those will stop me. I even volunteered my nauseous, exhausted and miserable self for two 4 hour sessions so that I could shop early! It was actually fun and easy - I highly recommend coordinating your volunteer hours to work with a friend (thanks Rebecca!)

Now to the fun stuff...what I did buy this month...I promise this is it!

We're trying hard to keep the amount of "stuff" we acquire for the baby down to a minimum. I'm only partly serious when I say it can sleep in a dresser drawer for a few months, right? But there were a few things on my list that I found at the sale in great condition and price. Boppy pillow. Check. Glass Bottles. Check.
Neutral newborn onsies with the little foldover sleeves. Check.

Admittedly some things could not be in any way be classified as "necessities" like this adorable Tea brand dress (nope, I don't know if it's a girl or a boy yet).

This "Carter's" corduroy dress with the elephants. Yep. We love "elico's", don't we Phoebe?

I splurged the most on maternity clothes, 3 dresses, 2 skirts, 1 pair of jeans (petite! - I've worn them practically everday since), 1 pair leggings, 1 pair stretchy comfy around the house pants and 1 blouse averaging about $6 a piece.

This "Motherhood" stretch knit dress was the best deal - 50% off day, $3.00! The perfect summer service dress!

Now for the big question. Does anyone else think that April's project should be something that doesn't require SELF-DEPRIVATION?! I know it's supposed to be "No Eating Out" month. That's gonna be a rough one. Any other ideas?


Jessica said...

I agree! I'm so sick of depriving myself of something! A whole year plus these first three months have been rough! Even switch it out for DIY month???

Anonymous said...

i did to Justine i Blew it, hmm buying stuff for the baby be for u find out if it:s a Boy or a Girl
i dont know


Jeni Perkins said...

I'm glad you found some stuff at the sale! Just wish I had been able to work it with you & Rebecca :( I only shopped the 50% off pre-sale and found some clothes for the kids averaging $2 a piece. I consigned a lot and am anxiously awaiting my $481 check! Totally worth all the work! I did learn that I need to start WAY earlier getting items tagged for the fall sale ;)

Marcella said...

Three adorable dresses! Totally worth it in my opinion! I'm so glad you found jeans since the selection at A Pea in the Pod was so pathetic.

Ok, here's my project idea: stock your fridge/freezer month! This is something I've really been wanting to do, especially since April is going to be so busy (hmmm...I guess that means I should start now)! There are so many great ideas online for complete meals or shortcuts that you can make and freeze. I always love finding a container of homemade chicken broth or pesto that has been cleverly hidden away! :) What do you think girls?

Justine said...

Wow Jeni! That's amazing! You've inspired me to consign in the fall.

Marcella - Your idea was exactly the one that's been running around in my head all day. My freezer us almost empty of the pre-made things that got me through the rough, sick month of February. I'm ready to re-stock. What do you other J's think?

Jeni Perkins said...

I really like Marcella's idea. Just being able take something already prepared out of the freezer would be oh so helpful on those days when kids run amuck while I run out of steam. Oh wait, that's everyday! ;)