Sunday, March 20, 2011

Plastic is Drastic Jessica

Does anyone ever listen to the radio station The Krush @ 95.9? On Monday mornings they have a segment called the Green Scene. I was listening a few weeks ago and they said they were looking for three families to join a Plastic is Drastic Project. "Project?" My ears perked up and I turned the radio up louder. Yes, they were seeking three families to save their plastic for a week, get tips on how to reduce plastic use, then put the tips into place for the final week. Well, of course, I did a bit more research then commenced my email badgering technique (yep, the same technique that was used to get on the Nate Berkus show) until they finally broke down and chose us as one of the families.

I don't know many details yet, all I know is we are going to be saving every bit of plastic that we use next week - yep, even the little plastic windows in the mail we receive, the plastic liners inside of beer bottle caps (though I'd like some tips on how to dig those babies out, it's not so easy) and every other little plastic bit you can think of.

How does the family feel about the project? Here's what they say:
Ian says "It sounds cool. I have an idea, I can wrap an apple up in my lunchbox in a bandana and then use the bandana as a napkin."
Anya says "Boring" and didn't want to talk about it in any way, shape or form.
Zack says "Initial reaction was 'great, what does she have us signed up for NOW' but I do agree it's a good project and I'm curious to see how much plastic we use and I do think we should learn to be not so dependent on plastic"

I will keep you all posted during our week of plastic accumulating and listen in tomorrow morning at 7:30am at 95.9 The Krush.


Rachel Hageman said...

You and your projects Jess. You crack me up. I wish I was as project oriented...Good for you!

Lorna said...

Sounds great! If you can come up with any good ideas for craft projects with all your saved plastic, let me know! I'll incorporate them into our Earth Day Celebration & Camp at My Gym. I'm striving to do craft projects only with recycled materials this year which includes having the kids bring in materials from home. Tricky part is that they need to be somewhat all-ages crafts (ages 3-9) and be able to complete in less than 20 minutes.

My favorite product that has helped us reduce plastic brought into the home are mesh veggie bags

Anonymous said...

Jessica ur Q. ”though I'd like some tips on how to dig those babies out, it's not so easy”
I did that as a kid I used mom Nail File that’s cool about the show
love Ian's Comment


Juliana said...

I can't wait to see how much plastic you regular use and then how much you don't use!

Marlene said...

What can you win this time?

Jessica said...

Marlene, what I know we are getting so far is: a Taylor Maid water filtration system, stainless steel water bottles, $300 gift certificate to a local community market and Juli is going to donate some of her handmade fabric bags to the families she is getting her store plugged!

Jessica said...

Juli, we had a heavy plastic use weekend (Zack bought some new shirts, we went to McDonalds) so I started collecting this weekend! I think our plastic usage is low, so I kinda wanted a dramatic weigh in for our first week ;-)

Jessica said...

Lorna, I just read an article in the Sonoma County Gazette about this project, that they are going to give all the plastic to 3 schools and they are going to do something with all the plastic we save. Should be interesting!