Monday, April 4, 2011

Hello, we are the Jessica

So we are in the 3rd week of our Plastic is Drastic Challenge. The first week we accumulated one stuffed full 13 gallon garbage bag. The 2nd week was about 3/4 full and hopefully this week we will still see the bottom of the bag when we're through.

Thanks to The Krush and Heritage Salvage, we received some pretty useful presents to help us this week.
Community Market Gift Cards

My favorite reusable fabric baggies, made by Juli

(4) Stainless Steel Bottles &
(4) Fabric bags (perfect size for produce!)

The Sonoma County Gazette also has a write up about the challenge, check us out - we are "The Bodies". It's kind of funny that they misspelled our name because I wrote a long rambling email with the correct spelling of our name and how to say it. Hence the (bodee).

The kids and I will also be at the radio station next Monday 3/11 at 7:30am so listen in and you might hear the Bode bodies speak.


Juliana said...

Thanks for plugging me on our own blog :) can you save me a copy of that magazine?!? I have a collection of our fame :)

Jessica said...

Sure, will do!

Anonymous said...

i tryed looking for it online didnt fined it
but that cool u got all that stuff and r going on the radio "correct spelling" hmm some didnt look very good did they