Wednesday, April 20, 2011 Jessica

I still somehow find the need to share all my shopping indulgences. Even though it's "legit" I'm still working through the guilty feelings. Are you other J girls feeling this way or is my guilt factor unusually high?

Here's some new stuff that's found it's way into our house.

I'm so disappointed that IKEA no longer carries the extra large canisters. They were perfectly sized for flour & sugar...large enough to get your 1 cup measuring scoop in there...but of course, whenever you really like something it eventually goes away, too bad I took last year off from shopping when I could have stocked up. Oh well!

I'm going to take my $300 Community Market gift cards and fill my canisters up....beans, popcorn, rice, brown sugar, quinoa...I'm so excited!


Juliana said...

I totally agree that I have some residual shopping issues! When I am at the goodwill and I am looking at nasty 'ol shoes I have to stop and say to myself, "You know what? you don't have to be forced to buy this, you can go buy new sandles" And then when I am at a real store, I feel like i can't buy anything! I am all screwed up.

Jeni Perkins said...

Your new flower "bowl" looked familiar - it was in the zero waste video you posted (behind the Mom while she was talking). Is that where you first saw it or is it just a coincidence? :)

Jessica said...

That's so funny you say that Jeni...I didn't notice, but Justine did and she just asked me the same question today! So purely coincidental!