Thursday, April 21, 2011

Granny Juli

It donned on me yesterday that I have crossed the line. The line where you no longer shop in the junior section but in the grown ups section. Is it too late? Can I ever go back? I feel a little sad about my years of picking up cheap little frilly things that had a life expectancy of about 6 months. I am by no means a junior anymore, but I am not a Charter Club girl, or Jones New York lady either. No thank you! But I find myself looking for high quality items, staple items that will last over the changing trends. Possibly clothes that can be combined with what I already have or can be transformed from day to night. I don't know, I think all of last year has really changed me for good. I mean come on, I went a whole year without buying any new clothing or shoes and now when I go to the store I feel like its a life changing decision "is it worth it?" "how long will it last?" "could I possible find this used?" "will I feel guilty if I bring this home?" With all this going on in my head I have still barely bought anything new this year....and its April! Half the things I have bought I have returned due to the fact that it wasn't good enough to buy new, or I didn't feel it was worth whatever I spent. With all that said I wanted to share with you what I did buy. Aren't these shoes so cute? (imagine in a tauepe color)

The shocking part (and slightly embarassing) is that they are Aerosoles ($34.99 at Tj Maxx) . Yes, that brand that your grandma also wears. I have to tell you they are soooooo comfortable! Plus who doesn't need a taupe colored wedge? So along with jumping out of the juniors I have jumped into the seniors. I don't care anymore, I don't want to look like a new born giraffe when I put on a pair of death defying heels. I want to walk and not be thinking with everystep that it may be my last one.

Whats your theory on heels? What comes first, comfort or style?


Jessica said...

I definitely believe in comfort, but to not throw style completely out the window.

Amanda B. said...

"Baby giraffe" hehehe SO TRUE. Yes, I am finding that I am veering away from 4-inch stilettos and going towards shoes that still look hot, but don't make me hold on to railings. Love wedges btw :)