Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zero Waste Family on the Today Show...by Jessica

Do you all remember the Zero Waste Home family that was featured in a recent Sunset magazine?

I think that they are inspiring. I've read some further interviews which makes me think she is also a little over the top (remember the beet juice lipstick? Also maybe she could let herself enjoy 3 pairs of shoes). But when going over the top means that you're not throwing anything away...maybe it's not a bad over the top.

What do you think?


Juliana said...

Great story!! Man I wish I had that will power!

Jessica said...

That's pretty, amazing. I can't believe that people actually complain about them. Let them live how they want. Obvoiusly they are happy people!
I wish I was that disciplined...maybe not that far, but it's does seem like you'd have more time!

Anonymous said...

wow there disciplined i agree Great Story &
"I can't believe that people actually complain about them."

ty for the post


Jeni Perkins said...

They are an inspiring example! I was thinking of the handkerchief vs. kleenex example. You know when you have a really bad cold & are blowing your nose every 2 minutes - all day? You'd have to have a lot of handkerchiefs on hand & you'd be doing laundry all day long, while you are sick! Sorry, but I have to stick with kleenex! I do want to find some of those mesh produce bags for grocery shopping tho :)