Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bagel Wars....by Jessica

Today my kids were fighting over who gets the top of the bagel.

"No, it's my turn to have the top." "I said it first!" "Mooo-ooom, last time he got the top and I had the bottom and the top is so cheesy and it's not fair and why do I always get the not cheesy part, he always gets it..." and on and on and on.

You can imagine.

And I always try to be fair and remember who got the top last time and give a little extra butter to the one who gets the bottom.

It gets tiring.

And then I felt so dumb when my dad, who was standing there having to listen to the silliest banter in the world said "why don't you just cut it in half the other way and they each get half of the top and half of the bottom".


The kids didn't even know how to handle it either. They just ate their bagel. Tomorrow, though, it's going to be - 'he always gets the right side of the bagel, it's not fair, how come he always gets the right side which is so much cheesier than the left."

Moving on...

Bobby had a good question for us on FaceBook.... what's the May project?

While Juli and I were driving to Timbucktoo and back and guzzling up the old VW gas tank, (Craigslist crib adventure) we remembered May's project is to Reduce our Carbon Footprint.

Juli's supposed to be riding her bike to work, I'm supposed to be turning off the electricity, and Justine is supposed to be sponge bathing her children and spot cleaning clothes.

It's going to be a fun month.

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Anonymous said...

lol Jessica
"Reduce our Carbon Footprint"
1 i dont Drive anyone
2 turning off the electricity.
i do that trying to get mom to
3. sponge bathing children. hmmm
i dont know ????
4 spot cleaning clothes. now i have to ask r they clean and smell nice &
clean to