Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What MAY I do?.....by Juli

So you MAY all be wondering what us J's are doing for MAY. Well believe it or not our monthly goal was to reduce our carbon footprint on planet Earth this month. Back in December when we scheduled out our monthly projects I was determined to ride my bike/public transit to and from work for this month. Well it's the 10th and the bike is still hibernating on the back porch and I haven't yet made eye contact with a bus driver. Now before you roll your eyes, listen to the full story. I have some serious fears of public transit since I contracted lice back in 1996 when I was 14 and had a summer job at Sunshine Pool and Spa. I remember the exact moment when middle J looked at me and said "lean over and let me check your hair".  Those are words you just don't recover from. Now I am paranoid... scratch-scratch...scratch-scratch. My other public bus story {which also involves middle J and mother} was when we were in Hawaii back in 2000 and I fell asleep on a man while riding the bus. I was wearing my sunglasses so Mom and Jess just sat silently and in wonderment for a good long time while I lightly leaned my teenage head on a grown man. Yep, thats the story.

Therefore I have yet to work up the nerve to step foot on the lice mobile/sleep machine. When I do you can guarantee my head will be perched up high. if not I am sure there will be a story to tell.

So what have I been up to? Life, and this and that. How 'bout you?

 For all you new readers I would like to introduce you to my favorite hairy friend Lola. 
Lola people, people Lola. 


Jessica said...

OH ha ha ha, I remember both the lice story and the sleeping on the man on the bus story so well. I remember when you finally woke up and wiped the drool from his arm and said 'oh i'm sorry i slept on you'. ha ha ha. And lice. Oh my. I'm still traumatized. If I see Anya scratch her head I jump on her like a monkey looking for a snack.

Anonymous said...

Okay so I totally remember that because u spent the night before and my mom freaked out and washed like everything in the house and both of our hair. I think Jessica even had to come over and check our hair because mom didn't know what to look for. Super funny. I am freaked out by public transit too. Just wear a hat on the bus.

Anonymous said...

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