Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Garbage Patch Kids...by Juli

So here's the dill-ee-o. Jessica as you know was a part of the "Plastic is Drastic, Retire the Gyre" project that is basically bringing awareness to the plastic garbage patch the size of Texas (x2) swirling in the pacific ocean.  Here's what the garbage patch is doing:

Isn't that horrible?

As a never ending entrepreneur of all things I donated some of my reusable sandwich baggies to the families that were having their plastic usage measured to raise awareness. Long story short I went to the party as a vendor to hopefully jump start my business. Well, lets see, I think 3 business cards were handed out, 2 baggies were sold and an order was put in. All in all the event wasn't really appropriate for me and my stuff. We had a 2 foot square edge of a table in the dark up near the stage. It was great exposure, and some people had some great suggestions as to where they would really sell. I actually have 2 schools and a store in Santa Rosa that I will be contacting.

The party was hosted by "Bug" from Heritage Salvage in Petaluma and he lined up some local bands that were pretty...interesting? One talented person that stood out in our minds was Gabby LaLa. She looked like a cute little Japanese girl that sang songs that made the Hubster and I think of Telletubbies. "LaLa equals Happy" "The Scary Boggie Man in The Black Dress" "Nap Time" were just some of the lyrics. I have to give it to her though, in her short performance she played the sitar, accordion, and guitar. And she was stinkin cute.

The night also brought a great food discovery. Check out the Petaluma Pie Company. I got a Polenta pie with veggies and Mom and the Hubster got a Jamaican Jerk Meat Pie. So delish.

Shovel Man

Isn't Mom the cutest?

I hope in the near future I can tell you about all my great selling ventures and how I will soon be a millionaire...he he he that was funny.


Anonymous said...

im glad to hear your business is growing
plastic garbage patch, it very sad and it sad to what it dose to sea life,
"I will soon be a millionaire" dont for get who your friends are wink, wink


Sam said...

ugh! Those were the most disturbing pictures! I think I'm gonna need to bu some of your baggies...

Marcella said...

What event was that? Looks interesting...

By the way, I am so jealous! I have been wanting to try Petaluma Pies since I picked up their business card at that ice cream place in Petaluma (La La's?)! YUM!