Sunday, May 1, 2011

Giveaway Jessica

Congratulations to Jennifer who's Starbucks drink of choice is: "I love the caramel and vanilla bean frappiccinos." I will be emailing you your $25 Starbucks gift card shortly. Thanks to all who entered.

The busy month of April is behind us and it's time to jump fully into spring. Spring cleaning and decluttering has begun at my house. So much to do, so much to throw away!

First project accomplished last week: cleaned out the little girl's drawers, too many choices makes her very distracted and slow to get ready.

Second Project to do this week: divide inherited Barbie collection into 3 boxes to rotate. She's having an amazing time, so hopefully dividing the toys up will extend the fun.

Third Project: Clean out linen closet and get new sheets for our bed. Why are sheets so expensive??


Anonymous said...

Jennifer enjoy, Spring cleaning is all ways good

Jessica Boudreau said...

Super cute sheets! Yes why are they so expensive? and why is it so hard to find sheets to actually fit a king size bed?
Let me know what you end up finding I'm in need of new sheets too!
This is my bed set... why didn't I buy two sets of sheets when I bought the set?

Jessica said...

Ugh...Sheets are ridiculous...don't ever buy ikea ones either! I made that mistake when we were first married. I just got really nice ones at Marshalls though, but still $50.

Jeni Perkins said...

Glad to hear someone else has spring-cleaning-fever! I've got to clean out both kids closets & my own! It's really starting to get to me that I can no longer slide my hangers because my closet is overflowing!! I'm thinking about trying those space saving no-slip hangers - does anyone have those & love them? Just wondering...

Juliana said...

I almost bought some sheets from Ikea last Friday! Good thing I didn't. I am in the same boat with sheets, why oh why are they so stinking expensive? There are some really cute ones at Anthro, but come on over $100 bucks? No way, I was fortunate enough to actually find a matching fitted and flat sheet at the goodwill that was in good condish. Very rare though to find quality sheets...used.

Jessica Boudreau said...

I have those skinny velvet hangers... I got them on sale at kohls 100 for $25 :)
I LOVE my hangers. They really do make more space in the closet and don't make those funny bumps on your shirts. BUT I will mention that the clothes do stick to the hangers you can't just pull your shirts off your hangers without taking the hangers out- which makes me pull the empty hangers out and put them all in one spot so I dont have to do that empty hanger search when I do laundry. I say go for it especially for shirts!