Thursday, June 2, 2011

Asia Juli

Have you ever filled out some type of form where you have to indicate your race? As a halvie (half Japanese, half English) I have a struggle as to what put down, am I white or am I asian? If I put down one I feel guilty for ignoring the other. Therefore I smoosh my white/asian description in the ridiculously tiny line and call it a day. But when I walk into Asia Mart, I get my asian on like nobody's business. There are just somethings you can't get at Safeway.

Don't worry I get my English on at 3:00 everyday when I have my tea english tea with milk and sugar and Sunday night when masterpiece theater is on. Oh yeah, halvsies are the best!

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Jessica said...

hurray for hapa's.
i need to go to asia mart soon...more specifically japan town's mart. i need a new rice cooker bad. and i've wanted one for well over a year. i know cuz i've wanted one since 2009 :-)