Sunday, June 5, 2011

Top of the Jessica

Many years ago, my family and I hiked to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite. When we got to the top, my mom didn't want me to go near the edge and I remember she was holding my hand and I was pulling away from her...towards the edge of the ledge. And my mom said to stop pulling, let go of my hand and walked around to the other side of a big rock and hid out until it was time to hike down.

I remember thinking how disappointing it would be to hike to the top of that huge rock and not let your legs dangle over the edge and look out at the wide expanse in front of you.

Pioux Rock in Beatty Oregon is miniscule compared Half Dome and when my kids got to the top and wanted to stand swaying in the wind with the toes of their tennis shoes nudging over the edge of the top of the rock....I understood how my mom must have felt and all I wanted was for them to GET OFF THE ROCK.

Looking at the pictures, I wish I would have stopped hyperventilating and enjoyed the view for a minute.

I was proud of both Ian and Anya for getting to the very tippety top, the little rock climbing we had to do to get to the top was challenging and they were brave. We are in training for Half Dome - who wants to join? We're thinking the summer of 2018.

(that my friends, is entirely too close to the edge for my liking. I had one hand holding the camera and one hand holding on to Anya's coat. I dared not touch Ian as he can quickly flail if not wanting to be restrained. I resisted the urge.)


Jen Vizenor said...

We're in for Half Dome! Summer of 2018 is exactly my speed. xo

Jessica said...

Lol Jen, let's plan for it :-)
Jamie you in?

Sam said...

Are you serious about 2018? I'm totally down!!! Maybe a little sooner would be nice tho.. :) We've been wanting to do half dome!

Jessica said...

Joking/Serious - the kids would be old enough to do it then!

Anonymous said...

never been there, looks like you guys had a lot of fun