Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Entrepreneurs....by Jessica

My kids decided to start their own handmade card business and wanted to set up shop at the end of the street. The end of the street isn't the safest place to just hang out, nor is it especially heavy on foot traffic. Because I appreciate and applaud their entrepreneur spirit I told them I'd take them into the Healdsburg square the next morning.

We tried to tell them the types of cards people usually buy, but this wagon was loaded with cards like: "Yes, I am a loser. I like dogs"
and "I'm a bad boy. I beat up my sister". Ian's got quite the flair for dramatics and shock value with his writing; remember he is the one who wrote about me, his mother, is as mean as a hunting dog.

They did have some sweet cards in there though, such as: " A good wife is someone who loves you" and "Cousins are meant together".

We made it into the square and they had a couple of customers. Our trip was unexpectedly cut short when one of them decided to blow a whistle right into my ear and my patience for the whole thing had worn quite thin.

They set up shop in front of the house and had a couple of other customers and they were tickled pink with their end of day tally.

I'm afraid this may have sparked an all summer money making adventure idea, and I will try and support their ideas to the fullest extent that my (small) patience will allow me.


Anonymous said...

I love it!!! You will have to post their business hours? I would be happy to be a customer! :)

Juliana said...

Oh man I remember one summer we picked a whole bunch of blackberries from the field and sold shakes or vanilla ice cream with berries on top. We made a bunch of money! One time we told a neighbor girl to go buy more vanilla ice cream and she cam back with breyers. Totally didn't understand how to make a profit and that totally irritated me. Come on, go to food max and buy the cheap-o vanilla!

Jessica said...

Jamie: I'm sure Ian's got some inappropriate card saved especially for you...maybe even the dog lover card :)
Juli: Ian's all over the profit. I asked him how he felt about working at Bethel and he said: "mmm I hear they dont make much money" :)

castro321 said...

What a crack up. I read it to Matthew and he thought it was really funny. I think it is because he agrees with Ian about "certain things". Also, you inspired me and I cleaned my kitchen without the use of paper towels.

The Daily Rant said...

Jess, I LOVE this. I so wish Grace could meet Ian, she would just adore him. She has been driving me nuts to do a lemondade stand. FYI - the Bethel comment is hillarious!!!!

Jessica said...

Barb, we should get Ian and Matthew together more often :)
Krissy, i'm so thankful it wasn't a lemonade stand they wanted to do- so much more...sticky. !!!

Marcella said...

Seriously Jessica, you could write a book. So adorable and hilarious! I love the look on Ian's face in the last picture. It definitely calls for a caption.

Anonymous said...

so..... how is the handmade card business coming, loved the the Bethel comment lol,