Monday, June 13, 2011

It Pays to Juli

How was your weekend? Ours was PACKED. With an overwhelmingly busy weekend, we felt like little miss Lola had been neglected and was pining for some attention. What better than a late night walk! So at 10:30 pm Saturday night we strolled around the neighborhood in the complete darkness and silence. Out of the corner of my eye I see some big thing on the street corner..."What is that? An umbrella?!?" Yep sir-ee-bob!! A big 'ol free market umbrella!

This was surely like striking gold! Our backyard gets intensly hot and bright that we have been desperate for an umbrella. So at 10:30 at night we ran home to put the Lola bear away and grab a truck {thanks Zac!} We werent able to see it in its glory until the next morning, but man oh man are we loving it! {Its awesome because its one that telescopes over the table so you don't have to have the pole in the middle of the table}
So keep this in mind, when you are tired and grouchy but you know you should walk your little doggie, you may just find something awesomely free!


Jessica said...

Gotta love FREE STUFF!

Marcella said...

Yay for free! It's had drive hours for the picnic table, but the free umbrella was just down the street. I love how you have stories behind everything you buy! :)

Anonymous said... i love that word Free.