Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Water Jessica

My hunt for the perfect water bottle is still on, but I've got my three everyday's pictured for you:

#1 - Glass water bottle is my "HOME" bottle as it's small and I can refill it often (though I'd like it much larger as I don't like refilling it a lot because the filtered water is too cold for my liking)

#2 - Stainless Steel water bottle is my "OUT & ABOUT" bottle as it's sturdiness is conducive to my clumsiness (though I don't like the mouth opening; far too large)

#3 - Glass water bottle is my "WORK" bottle as I like the mouth opening and it's large enough that I won't have to fill it up as much (though it's size and shape will have my co-workers concerned about my drinking habits)

Will I ever find my one true water bottle love?


Rachel said...

please tell me if you do, I need one too.

Oh no, now i'm rhyming!

Marcella said...

SIGGs are the best!

I'm also thinking about getting one of those ones that are like a Starbucks cold drink cup. I like the idea of having something with a straw. That way I don't have to unscrew the cap all the time if I'm not in a situation where it needs to be totally spill-proof. Or maybe one of those Camelback ones with the built-in straw that you can open and close. But knowing me I'll probably just keep using the annoying ones I already have.

P.S. I really thought that was a wine bottle at first. Too funny! Just make sure you don't ever bring it to work full of lemonade or any other white wine look alike! ;)

Jessica said...

Marcella, I do like the Sigg ones...the mouth opening is almost perfect :-)

I used it at work today for the first time and my co-worker asked who I got the wine from, ha ha.

Jeni Perkins said...

Just got a 3 pack of stainless water bottles at Costco for $11.69 & it included 3 neoprene covers! I like the flip top cap & it has the right size opening for drinking - not too big. I have tactile issues, I don't like a cup or bottle that's cold or wet from condensation, so I'm hoping the covers will do the trick!