Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dear Tomatoes....by Jessica

Dear Tomatoes,

I know you are only the size of an overgrown pea, but I wish you would hurry up and grow as there are things I'd like to do with you.

Love, Jessica


Jessica Boudreau said...

Jess- Your tomatoes are looking good. I have a small garned box this year and have crammed in it zuchinni, squash (yellow crook neck), sugar snap peas, jalepeno, and an artichoke! I'm super excited about the artichoke. Oh and I have a bunch of lettuce. Not sure how to tell when it's ready to harvest anyone know? Still enjoying your blog girls keep it up!

Jessica said...

I wish I knew the answer to the lettuce question but I don't, I bet Juli will chime in! Your garden sounds good, you'll have to send me some pics. We're trying to keep up with me but starting to slow down :( summers are sooooo busy!!!

Anonymous said...

mm looks good