Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Juice Fast Jessica

Some of you may be curious to know if I finished my juice fast. Well, what does "finish" mean? I started out with the goal of 10 days...and it rapidly dwindled to 5, with the 5th day being a day that I ate. So I guess I really did 4 days.

I finished.

Day 1 was easy. My body was probably still digesting the Ruffles and ranch dip I'd consumed the day before.

Day 2 was easy-ish. Hungry, but not terribly. Grouchy, but not horribly.

Day 3 was rough. Started okay, but rapidly turned into a headache, stomachache, nausea and...ahem...other issues. Wanted to eat really really really bad, and Zack had to talk me down. Baking pizza for the kids was a dumb idea, so don't ever plan that on day 3 of any of your juice fasts. It's just a stupid idea and the smell will make you sad.

Day 4 was wonderful. I woke up before my alarm went off and I felt refreshed and clear headed. The hunger pains were small and I felt happy all day. Big change from Day 3 when what I am assuming is a juice fast nervous breakdown occurred and I started crying and had to call Zack at work and he had to talk me down.

My advice: stick it out. On the day that you feel horrible and want to eat something, anything - that's the day I think the toxins are leaving your body and you just need to punch through it. If you don't think you can make it, and you're wanting to eat a double double something fierce, or maybe you're just crying for no apparent reason - call Zack, he will tell you to stop crying, pull up your bootstraps and juice yourself some wheatgrass.


Jessica said...

good for you! I want to try this, not while I'm pregnant of course but I love juice! I'm guessing it's not any kind of juice though?

Anonymous said...

Hm cool im happy for u. Really i am. But sorry i just
dont have that kind of will power i would be siting down with the kids and having pazza!

Jessica said...

Jessica - yes not while you're pregos!!! We have a juicer, I think that's the only way to go. You get all the nutrients. Especially if you make it with lots of greens. Blech. But nutritious.