Friday, July 29, 2011

Mama Juli

Windsor California used to be know as the armpit of Sonoma County. Yes, I live in a former armpit. When people asked us if we liked where we live we always started out with a sigh and rambled on about how we love our little house on the edge of the country, but it would be ideal if we could just pick up our house and move it into the middle of Santa Rosa. We miss the ability to walk around downtown and people watch while we have an array of different ethnic foods at our finger tips. We are talking little local places like El Favorito, Pho Vietnam, Simple Delicious, Mombo's, Simply Vietnam, Jhan Thong Banbua, the list goes on and on. Granted we can do plenty of people watching at the local hang out spot, Walmart {check out} But for many years the food here in Windsor has just been a sore subject in our book. Well that is until now. I have already posted about KIN in the Town Green, but just around the corner the fancy shmancy Mirepoix has been brought down to earth and is now Mama Pig. A good 'ol BBQ joint that you don't dare wear white to. Don't go there when you are on a juicing diet, or on any diet at all. The only semi-green thing you will find is the coleslaw, the homemade pickles or the collard greens cooked in, well, bacon of course!
This place is so cozy and homestyle and the food is delish. We only went on Sunday and the hubster has been talking about the pork belly brisket burger nonstop. I have a funny feeling we will be regulars real soon. So the armpit has freshened up and looking more appealing these days and as long as we have some yummyness around we will be here to stay!
Huss Piggies
Laura and her Tri-tip sandwich

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Jessica said...

Ah, food I love it! We just got back from the fair, I've had enough junk food for awhile now!
P.s. I'd stay away from Pho Vietnam, unless they've cleaned up. I grew up eating there and my parents ate there almost weekly, but I forget why my mom said they stopped going...I want to say rats or something disgusting...I'll ask her to be sure!
Simply is amazing though, I will agree with that!!!