Friday, August 12, 2011

It's Friday! Jessica

Let's talk bread. Again.

This is my new favorite loaf of bread to make. First of all, it looks like a load of bread that you would pay $6 for at Whole Foods. Second, it has a bunch of grated zucchini in it that the kids can't identify so we're sneaking in the veggies too. Third, it tastes so good!

Thanks Cadi for sharing! You can find the full recipe HERE

I have not used the exact spices in the recipe, instead I've used what I had on hand. Once it was basil and Italian seasoning another time it was cumin and chile powder. I also add a bunch of grated cheese to the dough and sprinkled on top (which has turned out to be the part of the bread that the kids fight over).

On an unrelated note, one night last week we were out late and when we got home, Ian tied himself and his backpack to the staircase in such a mixed up complex way that we couldn't untie it and had to cut the backpack off of him. Just so odd and humorous I had to share.

Happy Friday everyone!


Becky said...

Wow...that bread looks amazing!!! I will have to try that recipe.

Juliana said...

Ugh, that bread looks soooo good! It need some gooey brie on it!

Cadi said...

Aw, thanks Jessica! It's still my favorite recipe too. And I LOVE that it makes two loaves. Once the weather cools I want to make small loaves to use for bread bowls for soup. YUM!

Jeni Perkins said...

So was the backpack Ian tied to the staircase an old one? Cuz I'm picturing you just buying him a new backpack for the new school year and him tying himself to the stairs, then you having to cut it and join the crazy mass of back-to-school shoppers again to find a new one! I'm hoping it was an old one ready to be retired anyway ;)

Anonymous said...

lol cool give Ian a high five that some thing i would have done
ha ha

the bread looks good

Jessica said...

Lol Jeni - nope thankfully it was his old backpack. I do have to tell you though that we went shopping yesterday (tuesday) and Target was nnot busy AT.ALL. I think school must have started for much of the masses. Also, Ian went to school and got a different supply list than what we got at the Welcome back to Target again. SO ANNOYING!!!!!!