Thursday, August 11, 2011

Last Minute Juli

My boss surprised us today by letting us go home 3 1/2 hours early. What a delight! I got to stop by and see my pops and then run some errands. Then came the thrifting! I stopped by my two favorite thrift stores and found more than my wallet and home could hold. Don't you hate it when you have days where you wish you lived in a huge vintage bungalow that needed to be filled with unique retro gems? One day. One day. Any-who, here's what I found:
I have some visions of painting this something bright and using it for our T.V....still trying to decide.

 This retro beauty was behind lock and key. It's an ice bucket made by Morgan Design Bucket Brigade. I have to say that was a major temptation. if it was $5 I would take it for sure, but $18?!? What do you think!?!?

 At $175 it was a little steep for me....but, it was a totally 1920's cupboard that was so classy! 

 Just look at those bakelight handles, so cute!
 Now this would be a really fun project! Would you like to come home with me and be pretty in turquoise? 
 Just too cute!
 Ok, I know this isn't home decor, but come on it's a lego pirate ship! And only $3.50! Ok all you Mothers of boys in Sonoma County {it's a real organization, I just made it up. From this point forward it will be mentioned as MOBISC} race to see who will get it first!
Ok, I know a doll, really? Well a few weeks ago at some random thrift store someone told me that raggedy Ann dolls sell for a lot on ebay. She didn't look too old or unique {the doll not the lady}...but it was worth a try.

FYI - My favorite thrift stores are the Sutter Hospices' 
{you know you're good friends when I share good secrets like that!}
And good news! They are moving even the tiniest bit closer to me!

Lastly this part is a quiz...Who can guess what this is? 


Amanda B. said...

Did I read that right... they are moving to Cleveland Ave?? !!!! I can WALK to it now on my lunch break :D
And, awesome finds btw! :)

Jessica said...

I seriously want that white tv stand in the first picture. How much? If you don't snatch it up I will.

And the last thing looks like a wool weaver or spinner?

Anonymous said...

cool never heard of them will check them out


Jessica said...

ok i second that, if jess doesn't take the white dresser I need a changing table/ extra dresser for the boys...even that black cute!!!
I think the last thing is an old space heater, haha that is probably so wrong!
I have to say that sutter hospice thrift stores are some of my favs also, but they tend to be a bit pricier...
We just bought an old table to refinish as a desk there!

Jessica said...

Oh and raggedy anne, I used to have a raggedy anne pillow! I loved her!
Jaxson has an autographed raggedy andy from his aunty!

Jes said...

I absolutely love the hospice thrift stores. Really fun finds. How much was the black dresser going for?

Becky said...

This is going to sound silly, but is the last thing some kind of exercising/ weight loss machine or for your body in some way? I saw something on I love Lucy once that sort of jiggled her and it reminds me of that!

Rachel said...

Ok, so my guess on the last item is : some sort of exercise equipment. you sit on it and it shimmy's off your bumm. ; )

Juliana said...

Ok all jessica's and others, the white asiany dresser was at the hospice thrift on steele lane by safeway for $30, the black on was at the hospice thrift on piner and I didn't see a price tag on that one...sorry! As for the las mystery item....drum roll was a vintage electric massager! I am assuming you laid backwards on it?!? I thought the colors were to die for and i could imagine some funky designer putting a piece of glass on it and turning it into a coffee table. If anyone feels like getting tenderized it is also at the hospice thrift on steele and I think it was going for $80. Good job on the guesses!