Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bad Justine

If you follow this blog then you no doubt LOVE second hand sales like us Thrifty Sisters. This weekend was a really bad time to have a brand new baby because one of my favorite sales is happening and I'm gonna miss it!!!! Just Between Friends is the Northbay's largest kid's and maternity clothing and gear consignment event. Check out the details {Here}. Don't feel too bad for me though. I scored big time at the spring event and thanks to all my wonderful friends and family honestly don't need or want for anything!

Still, there's not much that would stop me from shopping this sale but a 5 day old baby? Yeah, even I have my shopping limits!

Baby Oliver arrived Monday night. As a friend put it "we took Labor Day quite literally"!

So needless to say, I can't go to the sale but you can! Check it out at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds 9/9-9/11 and while you are there be sure to take a look at the gorgeous hair accessories at the Pink Ginger Design vendor booth!

Let me know what you find! I gotta shop vicariously through someone!!

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Anonymous said...

He so... cute congrads. Well. Um I let other people do my shoping so I will just pass it long if I see any cool stuf. Bobby

Jessica said...

He's so beautiful! Can't wait to meet him...
I'm so tempted to go to that sale, I've always wanted to go but never had the chance, my feet are a little swollen right now so i don't know if it's a good idea!
Hope your getting a little sleep:)
Congrats! <3 The Gilley's

DNav said...

Im planning on going tomorrow I will let you know if I have any success!

Jeni Perkins said...

I think it gets bigger each time, cuz I couldn't believe how much stuff was in the building when I dropped off my consignments. I shopped Fri am when it opened, & the line to get in wrapped partly around the building! I bypassed toys & gear & found a 4 pc pinstripe suit for Ryan for $15 and scored a black overcoat for Ella. I think the best deals are on the 50% off day cuz I found 2 nice pant, shirt & vest outfits for Ryan for $4 each! Now I'm just anxious to get my check in the mail - I sold more than last year. They said the next one will be in March :)