Sunday, September 4, 2011

Things I Justine

No, I'm not referring to the state of my pregnancy riddled mush brain. I'm talking about all the things I forgot about school and am now being reminded of now that the kids are back in.

  • The "stuff" they bring home will overwhelm you and they of course cannot throw one bit of it out!

How do you save all those hats!?
  • They are TIRED at the end of the day! Oh and they'll make you pay for it. Lots of crying for no reason!
  • Imaginations are running wild. Phoebe waited all Friday afternoon for us to "play school" with her. She was Miss Vanessa. This is what we were instructed to make...

It's a motivational chart sorta like in her "real" class. Only daddy didn't quite follow all you directions, did he Miss Vanessa?

  • You have to prod, remind and help a kindergartener to do everything in the morning!

  • There's nothing worse than school traffic those first few weeks and nothing better than sleeping in after the weekday routine!

What are you remembering now that schools back in?

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Anonymous said...

how the mall is so quiet and empty
that now all the kids are in school

Jeni Perkins said...

Thanks for your post - it helps to know I'm not the only one noticing those things! Here's a few more school things: How much sand travels home in their shoes, cuffs, & pockets. How much I don't like packing lunches, especially if I forgot to do it the night before! And how hungry they are as soon as they get out of school - did they not eat that lunch I packed? :)