Sunday, September 4, 2011

Best Wife Juli

The hubster has a newish job that requires he look somewhat decent. Although he is officially a rat killer he needs to look nice...whhaaatt?!? I know,  it makes no sense to me either. Well the old construction pants had too go because there were to many holes than things to put in holes. {eeeew that sounds weird, sorry} They had to go. Would a thrifty sister like me go buy new jeans? No way Jose. I hit the Goodwill and found 3 Levi jeans in his size and they were cute. Cha-ching!!! That's when he said, "Your the best wife ever." Really? Thats all I had to do?!? Awesome! Forget about grocery shopping and scrubbing toilets, I am going shopping!

{P.S. one of the jeans ended up being to small, like little kid too small. If anyone has a son or nephew that wears 32x32 and likes Levis 514 let me know and they are yours!}

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Jessica said...

haha! no my son is just 3T and no nephews, however I have a husband who is 32x32 haha, he may have put on a little sympathy pregnancy weight but not much lol!