Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Would-a Jessica

I haven't posted in days.

It's been hot. But then it rained. And then it got hot again.

My camera still is missing it's memory card and my laziness has prevented me from opening up the cover and putting it in there.

Things I would have taken a photo of include:
1. my kids standing next to a real life "Sesame Street" street sign.
2. my favorite easy dinner night: Sushi Handrolls
3. Anya looking like a true hippy girl picking tomatoes at Foggy River Farm. It's definitely - pick one, eat one, pick one, eat one.
4. video of my children speaking spanish to each other behind my back {not only behind my back but about me I do believe}

That's scraping the barrel of finding something interesting to say. How's your week going?


Anonymous said...

Hnm I see ur camra memory is MIA. That's cool the kid know spanish. I take u do not know spanish.
They were more than likey talking a what a cool & awsome mom you r. My week is going great

Jessica said...

I want to know how you make easy sushi hand rolls! i've been buying sushi at whole foods lately and it's expensive...but i love its so filling and healthy!!!

Jessica said...

Jessica - I have a full on photo tutorial on the missing memory card that "someone" took out of the camera. Hopefully "someone" will remember where it is :)

Becky said...

I want to know too! I loooooove sushi. We like to go to Hikuni for all you can eat sushi. It's only 15.95 and they have a good selection. It tastes really fresh too. The service and decor isn't the best, but I like the price/quality. :)

Jessica said...

I hope that someone finds it! That would be great!
Becky, we used to like hikuni until the group of people we went with two of the guys with iron stomachs were so sick after!

Becky said...

Yikes! Thanks for the tip...we haven't been there much, now I don't know if I will go back! Not something I want to get sick from.