Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Perfect Monday Night Dinner........by Justine

To offset our weekend caloric blunders we've designated Monday as "Stir Fry Night". It makes us feel better about the weekend and starts our week off right.

I've been asked so many times over the years for a recipe or instructions for a quick stir fry but it's one of those meals that I make while on auto pilot so it's hard to explain.

So this week I took photos of each step and here's little photo tutorial:

Yep thats all the explanation you get. Hey! I'm working on new mommy sleep deprivation. Sorry, I don't measure my ingredients either...Experiment and come up with your family's favorite stir fry!

Here's a great tip: Save half the uncooked cut up veggies and half of the cooked chicken for a super quick dinner later in the week.


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Jessica said...

i thought initially Juli wrote this and when i got to the new mommy sleep deprivation part i was really scratching my head.

Jessica said...

For some reason I thought this was a juli post too and the new mommy part also confused me...Then I saw Justine at the bottom! I can't wait to meet little Oliver!!

Anonymous said...

Lol good thing I look to see who's post this was
I just was about to text julie and say what!
Now I know why your the best cook. Look good
Looking forword to meeting little Oliver


Juliana said...

Great tutorial! I am curious why people thought it was my post? Is it because 90% of my posts are about food? Hey and sometimes my baby does leave me sleep deprived people. I mean Lola can make some funny goat noises when she's gotta go potty at 6 am. Ok, peace out.

Lindsay said...

This is my fave Monday meal too! At my house we do Meatless Monday though, so its all veg. YUM! I love that you don't measure ingredients.....baking is a science, but cooking is an art so in my opinion getting creative with ingredients is a must!!